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From the Experts: The Best Musical Instruments


According to Professional Violinists

"I am currently sponsored by Yamaha violins and perform on many of their instruments.  I play a lot of custom models, which is awesome because Yamaha has been willing to do some of the electric violin models in different colors and even "bedazzle" them, which provides awesome visual enhancement for my shows.  Violins can be kinda like shoes... they have to match with my outfit!

- Lindsey Stirling


According to Professional Keyboardists

“By far, my favorite keyboard is the Nord Stage 2 [HA88]. I use it on every gig. The flexibility in layering, gorgeous meticulously sampled instruments, big customizable library of vintage and modern instruments, great onboard effects (including the beautiful “Vibe” warble), ability to add your own custom samples, and perfect hammer action (on the 88-key model) make it perfect for any job.”

- Mike Schmid

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According to Music Experts

“Martin Acoustics - they’ve been around since the Civil War so they must be doing something right. [I would recommend] the Tom Petty model [but it] depends on what you want tone wise. OO-18 is a great little guitar with a brighter tone while the D-28 is a fuller richer tone.

Guitars are alive, they have a soul so find one that speaks to you. Like with a relationship - marry the one you can’t imagine living without.”

- Steve "Chinner" Winstead

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According to Professional Drummers

"There are a ton of awesome Drum companies out there, but my favorite out of the kit's I have played on (Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, PDP, etc...) I'd definitely have to say [Drum Workshop] (my current kit) surpasses them all.  The quality, sound and overall durability is incredible.  Whether I'm on tour or in the studio, I'd definitely say DW.  As far as Electronic kit's go, I play a Roland. Same goes for these guys, they make killer equipment and are very reputable.”

- Allen Benatar

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According to Professional Sounds Engineers

“I prefer Cubase. It has uncompromised details and great sound. I have a Mac that is a workhorse that allows it to work flawlessly. It has variable editions for riley veterans or those just getting into the DAW market.

I love the seamless edits that can be done along with all the templates that I can arrange for my perfect scenario with the amount of musicians I have in the room. [Cubase] has almost undetectable latency and gives the players a quality sound to play to. I have the honor of saying that multiple songs I have recorded with this product [have] been well received at radio and by the fans of the artists recorded.”

- Tony Mantor

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According to Professional Bassists

“I'm biased because I have a long relationship with the company, but my favorite bass guitar brand is Zon. They have a rich, focused sound and an almost supernatural playability. All Zon basses are extremely high quality, but in my opinion, the Sonus models are [the] finest instruments made.”

- Michael Manring

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